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How to choose the right plan?

  • 1. How many developers do you need — choose a Single developer or a full Team.
  • 2. How do you want to pay — choose to pay Weekly or Monthly.
  • 3. How experienced should a developer be — choose a Middle or a Senior developer.

What’s included in the Free 14-days trial?

It depends on the project. Usually, during 2 weeks we’re providing a workshop. You’ll have 6 hours of meetings with the architect, project manager, and developers. There we can refine the requirements and discuss solutions. The workshop’s outcome will be a ready-to-go roadmap for your project, written user stories, and other necessary deliverables.

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Build the right product with the right team

Weekly Monthly 10% OFF

Developers who need guidance and control, should not make architectural decisions.

$25 USD/ h

What`s included
  • 2 years experience
  • SPAs
  • Single specification

Professional developer handles architectural decisions, code review, and features.

$45 USD/ h

What`s included
  • 4 years experience
  • SPAs, eCommerce, SaaS
  • Multiple specifications

All plans include

Access to organization tools
14 days Trial

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